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Taking a year out is a great way to deepen your relationship with Jesus and gain a greater understanding of who he has made you to be. Our internship year will equip you in your leadership, help you to discover your gifting and God’s call on your life. This is a year for training, for exploring, and for taking risks.
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Terms and Conditions
Terms & conditions
1. The 2019/20 Intern programme will run from September 2019 to July 2020
2. Interns come to New Life Church as volunteers rather than employees and the relationship between the church and the Intern is one of mutual trust rather than contract.
3. Interns will be charged £850 for the Internship and they will not receive financial support from New Life Church. If an Intern needs to move into the area to take part in the programme, the church organise suitable accommodation with a family, within easy travelling distance from the Ridgeway Centre.
4. It is the Interns responsibility to sustain themselves financially throughout the year (e.g. via support or part-time employment). If employment, the Intern will be responsible for finding their own employment in the area. The church will work with the Intern to fit the church work around the employment except that the Intern is required to keep 3.5 days free (including Mondays) plus Sundays to work with the church.
5. If not an EU resident the applicant will need to be in possession of any necessary work permits before applying. International applicants will not be considered if relying on a student visa to remain in the UK and will need to arrange all visa permissions by themselves.
6. Interns will be expected to be fully committed to New Life Church and the Leadership team for the duration of the Internship which will include regular attendance at Sunday Gatherings.
7. The church work will involve varied daytime, evening and weekend hours.
8. Interns will be encouraged to take […] days holiday (or equivalent hours) during their Internship
9. All successful applicants will be subject to a DBS check and safer recruitment process, and be required to sign the Intern Volunteer agreement & Code of Conduct

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