Application for Campus Ambassador Program at The Jurni
Due to the volume of applications we have been receiving we have changed our selection criteria. As such this application process has been created to keep up with the competitive spirit we have created.

Please complete these questions demonstrating why we should select you to be a part of your program. Please answer each question in 150 words max.

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6. Have you subscribed to The Jurni’s main product, our newsletter ( *
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8. The Campus Ambassador Program requires you to apply your speaking and networking abilities to excellent use.  How would you attract people to subscribe to The Jurni? *
9. What are some creative ideas you can do on campus to start marketing The Jurni on your campus? *
10. What is your understanding of Community Marketing? *
11. This program takes commitment and a dedication to understand how to excel at marketing a product. What makes you think you will be successful completing this program? *
12. Why should we select you to join our program? *
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