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Cuteboi is a website that produces and hosts content of cross-dressers, traps, twinks, and femboys. These are the "cuteboys" of the internet. With the support of monthly subscribers, Cuteboi will create traditional, pornographic photo sets and videos. In addition, Cuteboi will film short skits and parodies based on popular drawn works and personalities. Subscribers will vote on the nature of each set and which cuteboy will participate in it. Cuteboys will receive monthly royalties for the duration that their content is hosted on the site. All without going through mainstream sites that want to censor pornography.
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About the Site
Cuteboi operates like a factory. Cuteboys are the raw materials that are refined into sets. Production members and site staff are the workers that produce sets. Subscribers are the board of directors/shareholders that control what type of content is produced and with whom. Through this relationship, all parties will benefit. My goal is to create value for everyone involved. Subscribers get regular, quality content; cuteboys get royalties and exposure; and the team can pursue their passions.

Cuteboys will send in their portfolios to the site's administrators. Submissions will be curated down to a smaller selection. Thereupon, Cuteboi will get in contact with each selected cuteboy. The nature of the set, what their limits are, and more personal details (level of cleanliness) will be discussed. After creating a lineup of cuteboys, profiles will be made for them and will be posted on the site. Subscribers will view these profiles and vote on which cuteboy should be in the next set. After a winner is decided, payment and royalties will be negotiated with the winning party. After all financial, legal, and practical obligations are settled we will agree on a date for the shoot. Upon a mutually selected date, Cuteboi will fly out all parties involved and provide them with accommodations. Production of the set will begin the day after the arrival of all parties involved. The shoot will then be edited and posted within a week or two.

So many sets to create
Personal Goals
My name is Daniel and I'm very passionate about pornography. With a decade of browsing the chans under my belt, I've been exposed to everything you can think of. This experience has left me with great appreciation, understanding, and a burning curiosity for everything lewd. All these years of browsing 4chan have pushed me down the slippery slope of fetishes/sexuality. One after another, I have shelved them upon the great rack that is my lewd ego.

I never liked my body. I thought it not manly yet not womanly. One day, in the summer of 2016, I showed my ass to 4chan. They were supportive and I continued to post. I realized that I could be so much more. I set out to sculpt my body into what I felt was ideal. Over time, I got access to better equipment, learned more tantalizing poses, and acquired cuter clothing. Everything was going well, until I realized my own mortality.

"Gay death" is a concept thrown around a lot. It refers to the arbitrary age that you're no longer deemed attractive. I think I still look pretty good at 28. But, I won't look this way forever. Life has a habit of sneaking up on you. So, how do I take lewds without being their centerpiece? Production. There are so many cute guys around the world that could benefit from my knowledge and experience. There are so many guys out there who lack the big lights, expensive cameras, and selection of clothes that the big boys have. I want to spend the rest of my life producing content for the ones who have given so much to me in the past--the cuteboy community.

Example of Creative Content
I don't want to just make lewds. I also want to make entertaining, inspiring, and even informational content. I think that through careful pacing, comedy and education can be woven between sex. I not only want to offer traditional content, but also parodies of popular doujins, franchises, and personalities. We will capture new heights for pornography--but only if we reach for those heights.

These creative sets will be included as extras to the traditional content that we offer. They'll have characters, plot lines, and lots of sex. I've included a quick script I smashed out in about 20 minutes. It parodies the on-the-couch style of Game Grumps and includes the lewdness from Doxy/Onta's "Cross Platform." Obviously, this is just a quick and dirty rough draft. But, it should give you a good understanding of the nature of creative content.

Goals for CUTEBOI
1. Create a stream of constant, quality content for a community of cuteboy enthusiasts
2. Give cuteboys professional levels of experience and exposure
3. Satisfy each party involved and enrich their lives
4. Operate with full transparency without violating its community's privacy
5. Never, ever, ever use annoying ads or sell meta data

Our core values and beliefs are that people are equal despite their sexuality and preferences. Society treats pornography as a pariah, despite it being a large part of our lives. There is no shame in indulging your desires. Yet, there is a dehumanizing barrier that we erect between ourselves and porn stars. I want to bring personality back to pornography. With our cuteboys, I want you to fall in love with them. Not only in body, but also in spirit. I want you to know their hopes and dreams, their hobbies, their personalities. True attraction comes from the inside. Cute clothes, wide hips, and thick bits can only fulfill a surface level of affection. I want to sate the curious beast that lies within.

Not only do I want people to appreciate the fat butts and smiling faces of cuteboys, but also their value as a person. I want to add value to pornography. I want to create works that not only titillate and entrance, but also give a greater sense of happiness to the viewer. Something informative, something inspiring, something that brings us all closer together. I'm tired of cute guys being treated like meat on display, only good for their big butts and juicy thighs.

Pants are overrated
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