theJobSpectrum™ Survey: 2019-Sagittarius Fire Signs 9th Segment for OHUB!
Thank you for being a Participant in the 9th segment of theJobSpectrum™ Survey, Fire Signs, for 2019. This is a brand-new, teachable concept in general - and your participation is truly appreciated.

If you are an Fire Sign (Sagittarius, Aries or Leos) you'll have roughly 30 days to be able to complete the segment, starting from November 23rd, 2019.


Quickly scan this opening page and fill out the required questions.

A few points to consider:

• theJobSpectrum™ Survey is driven by the data we all create together - the ‘Manufacturing Data - With Meaning™.’ This is the first step of building the Mechanism and Index that will drive the Spectrum’s functionality.

• You take the Survey 3 times a year - according to your Astrological sign grouping - Earth, Air, Fire and Water signs. For this monthly segment, it is for Fire signs. This is the Shared Labor part of how this Concept functions.

• The other way theJobSpectrum™ divides the populous is by Profession, arranged into Guilds. When you read the following list of ‘Starter Guilds’, pick which one most closely aligns with your own personal Job or Employment situation.

• While taking the Survey, you can rank your own Guild, but because of the rules and design of theJobSpectrum™ survey, those answers will NOT be included in the monthly scoring.
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The 21 ‘Starter Guilds’ from which all other jobs will eventually sprout.
To which Guild would you classify the job you currently have? Or could you put yourself in a number of Guilds? Pick the one you feel the most comfortable, or one that aligns to your core values.
Type your Full Name:
Coming soon, theJobSpectrum™ will provide you with a profile, and you will have the option to keep your answers private.
Please provide your Zip code
for right now, only the zip code of your address is necessary for location purposes.
Please provide your Birthday:
theJobSpectrum™ divides its participants by their birthdays, as a part of the ‘Shared Labor’ aspect of its design.
Please designate which Guild most aligns with your current job or hobby:
You can only belong to one Guild at a time. You can change Guild after a 90 day wait period, once a year..
Provide an email address attached to an online payment account (paypal, applepay, etc.) - if you don't have a service like that, please pick option 3 - BUT this is not necessary to participate at this time.
theJobSpectrum™ will keep all your info private. We will also track the amount you earn. You can receive it monthly or let it build like points on a credit card. This is the ‘Shared Revenue’ part of how tJS™ works.
Which online payment company is associated with this email account?
This is how you will receive your Monthly Ad Payment Split, starting 89 days after you take the survey for the first time.
theJobSpectrum™ Rules of Operation — FYI
This 9th Segment of theJobSpectrum™ survey will be grouped by the 21 ‘Starter Guild’ categories. In future surveys, each of the the questions per Guild will be on its own page, to maximize advertising real estate.

Your actual taking of this JobSpectrum™ survey is an enhancement for what we consider "Work or Labor". TheJobSpectrum™ uses a new concept very popular and growing today - the concept of ‘BioMimicry’, which means designing your business to act like nature does.

TheJobSpectrum emulates nature throughout each and every aspect of its design as close as possible.

At this time, there are 3 questions for each of the 21 Guilds - 21x3 = 63 questions total.

This technique is called ‘Self-Similarity,’ or Iteration, which is employed by all natural systems - from branches in rivers, trees & leaves to your lungs and blood vessels.

What's the point? It makes it Easy to learn as a supplement for what we think of as ‘Work’ or ‘Labor.’

It also gives us a way to divide this Labor - you participate 3 times a year, but get paid every month.

In other words, you only Participate 3x /year in the JobSpectrum™ Survey.

But you will benefit 12 times a year, starting 89 days after the close of the first Survey Segment in which you participated.

theJobSpectrum™ Mechanism teaches us to Share the Workload, and to Share the Revenue.

How is the Revenue Distributed?

TheJobSpectrum™ survey employs 3 "Ranking" or ‘Assigning Value’ questions format for each Guild. They employ a 1-9 scale of the relevance of different values we place upon the Jobs we do, within a set of Variables. This allows the Participants to Assign Value that can change on a Monthly Basis.

Within this Google Doc template, theJobSpectrum™ of Ad Space has limited representation. But when we build out our own, designed Website with our own specs, the Ad space will be much more prevalent - which is, for once, a good thing - because the Participants like you will share in the ad revenue raised.

When this ad space generates revenue, it supplies the monthly ‘Purse’ that will be split between the Guilds.

The Results of the Survey determine where the revenue is allocated - a Mechanism that gives ‘Gamefied’ Control of the finances to the Segmented Participants.

These results will be released on roughly the 7th of every month, 12 times a year. These ‘Ads’ throughout the Survey can show how this ‘New Medium’ will work, the potential tJS™ holds, and how Advertising can be used to sway the Participants‘ monthly answers, for a variety of reasons.

This Business Model is completely new and different from anything that exists at this time.

You will need to see it in action so you can absorb the technique for how this Mechanism makes sense, but the Potential to Generate Revenue is there.

Remember, this is an OPINION Survey.

There are no right or wrong answers.

The BEAUTY of Participating is that you can insert Seasonal, Personal, Topical, Trendy or even ‘Emergency-Influenced’ Opinions into your answers - the Variables of your answering might be extremely different every time you are eligible to take the Survey.

That is one of the many advantages of this ‘Job of the Future’.

It gives us Flexibility, Nimbleness as an economy, and Liberty and a semblance of Independence as an Economy & Civilization.

We are in the process of making this available, NOW. The Future is indeed Now - and You are all a part of its Positive Existence. You are included.

So enjoy the Survey. Do it in your spare time—it should work on your smartphone or tablet. And again, many thanks for being one of the first Participants in this ongoing Artistic Installation.


Founder, Designer

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