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To begin the adoption process for a puppy from Ashleigh Place Labradoodles please fill out and submit the application.  If a puppy becomes available, a deposit of $500 will be collected and applied towards the total purchase price of $3500.  This deposit is non-refundable for any reason other than the event that a puppy cannot be provided to you.  The balance of $3000.00 (not including sales tax) will be paid by the time the puppy is 6 weeks old.  

I confirm my intention to purchase an Australian Labradoodle puppy from Ashleigh Place Labradoodles for a ‘pet’ by payment of this deposit in the amount of $500. Please mail deposit check to 5400 Mohican Rd, Bethesda, MD 20816. We also accept Venmo, PayPal and cash.

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Does anyone living at your home have allergies? If so, what kind? *
Will this be your family first dog? *
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Will the puppy be a surprise or gift? *
If applicable, who is your current veterinarian? *
Can we contact your veterinarian for your reference? *
Are you aware of a doodle's grooming needs? *
Please note that in Labradoodles gender plays little to no role in their temperament. If you value the right temperament over gender & color, please try to remain flexible on everything else to ensure we can place the perfect temperament in your family.
Please note that while your preferences will most certainly be considered, the litters conceived will dictate what is available. While we cannot guarantee that all of your preferences will be available we will try to match as many as possible with a puppy that we feel will also be a good fit for your family.
What sex would you prefer? *
Do you have a color preference? *
Do you have a coat preference? *
Generally speaking, what kind of temperament are you looking for? *
Do you have any other preferences? If yes, explain below *
Have you ever raised a puppy? *
Are you prepared to invest the time and assume the responsibility required to raise a puppy? *
Are you willing to commit to veterinarian care for the life of your dog? *
Will you commit to attend obedience training classes or working with a trainer to properly train and socialize your puppy? *
Do you have a training facility or a trainer identified? If so, please name it below *
Will your puppy be alone during the day? If yes, how long? *
A dog should not be crated longer than 8 hours (puppies quite a bit less). Are you committed to providing a break for your dog (e.g. a dog walker/exerciser) if you find this to be the case? *
Do you understand that a puppy will need very frequent potty breaks during the day and even at night? *
Do you commit to feeding your dog a high quality dog food? *
Do you understand that if at any time you can not keep your doodle, you are not to release him or her to a Humane Society or an Animal Shelter. Instead, please contact us. *
I certify that the information provided on this form is true and correct.  I am also financially and physically able to care for this animal.  I understand that proper food and veterinarian care can be costly and I am able to meet these requirements. By affirming below, I acknowledge that I have completely read this questionnaire, and comprehend it fully. *
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