"Value of Jamaica's Diaspora" Survey
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Diasporas can, and in many cases do, play an important role in the economic development of their countries of origin or ancestry. This survey is intended to assist in determining the current and potential value of the partnership with the Jamaican diaspora to the country's growth and development. We therefore seek to capture the interest, needs, concerns, and issues members of the Diaspora have in their respective locations and in Jamaica that may hinder their ability or willingness to contribute to Jamaica’s development. We also aim to identify opportunities that exist which are best facilitated through a partnership with the diaspora. The results of the survey will assist in guiding the Jamaican government's strategy for engagement with the diaspora and to strengthen partnerships for Jamaica’s growth and development.

Please note that your name is not required and therefore your identity remains anonymous in this survey. Feel free therefore to be as open as you want to be.

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