Ca.pture Project Youth Council Co-design Session Survey
Let us know how you feel about the sessions! These surveys are confidential, we do not share them publicly and only the organizers will be reading these to gain more insight to the sessions, to access how we are doing and what improvements can be made. We value your feedback and thoughts on this program.
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Which session is this survey for?
Session Structure
How the session was organized, facilitated and the environment created.
Preparation of the workshop (communication prior to workshop, exercises, tools, etc.)
How was the time managed in this session
Clarity in session (e.g. communications, discussions, learning how to use Thimble and understanding the goal of Ca.pture.)
Relevant and meaningful connection between activities and subject matter / content of sessions.
Creative activities and exercises for this session.
Ability to be active in the session learning environment
Your questions, comments and queries were addressed in a timely manner.
Relevant and supportive feedback / suggestions.
I felt comfortable speaking up and being active in the session.
Skills learnt that you feel are transferable after this session.
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How can you use what you learnt today to teach other youth at the March Break Camp?
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Session Facilitation
How well was the core values brought through in the session and the engagement with facilitators?
Follow through of materials and dialogues covered in the session.
You communicated and felt understood.
Respectful and safe space created for the opinions and decisions of youth and facilitators.
Space created for communal learning.
Needs and issues addressed and met with sensitivity.
Positive and friendly energy/space created in the session.
You received the help you needed in a timely manner.
Equitable and non-discriminatory, non-oppressive practices and space created in the session.
Trust demonstrated between youth and facilitators
What was your favourite thing about this session?
Your answer
Your Overall Experience
More detailed questions about your personal overall experience, how you've been impacted and what you envision being able to take from the Ca.pture programme to build up to future projects, goals and ideas.
What do you feel you have learnt so far ?
Your answer
How do you feel you can apply this to future projects and goals?
Your answer
What subjects, ideas or skills do you feel hasn't been bought up or wish you could explore more of?
Your answer
Tell us more! (This is a space where you can write down some thoughts, ideas, opinions, questions - anything you'd like in response to your Ca.pture experience so far.)
Your answer
As the Capture Project goes live on the Hive Toronto website and as we continue to advocate for a safe space online for youth globally, we'll be using a lot of the data and resources from this programme. Are you comfortable and willing to share your experience with others? We will be quoting you as a "youth" and you will remain anonymous.
We appreciate the time and effort you put into filling out this survey =)
Hive Toronto Contact
Please feel free to contact Flora for additional questions and/or alternative methods of submitting.

Flora Shum,
Project Co-ordinator | 647.868.2258
Office Hours: Monday and Thursday, 10am to 3pm

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