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Membership is open to all those who support IMESC goal/s & mission. IMESC is s none profitable organization that depends on membership fees to generate fund fir its activities.
There are membership fees as indicated below.
If you are interested in joining us, we welcome you. Please fill out the application form below to be added to our members' list.

Why join IMESC?

Members get to enjoy the following benefits by joining the organization:

1. Free conference and symposium registration
2. Networking with outstanding scholars, practitioners, and students of Middle Eastern Studies from around the world.
3. Present and attend IMESC's nationwide (Canada) & its international conference/s and symposium/s.
4. Publish at IMESC peer review journal, the Researcher.
5. Publish at IMESC's working paper series.
6. Publish at peer review journals affiliated with IMESC.
7. Write and engage in dialogue through IMESC's blog/s.
8. Specail rates when presenting and attending conferences affiliated with IMESC.

IMESC Membership
With the IMESC membership you will not only become part of a growing, active community of related to the Middle East Canada researchers, you will also gain a substantial number of benefits that will energize your research activities.
Membership Procedures
1. Membership runs for one year starting on date of reception of application or renewal and payment. Membership is for individuals only.
2. Membership includes all issues of the IMESC research studies to be released during year of membership, starting with the next issue to be released after reception of renewal or application for membership.
3. Membership fees must be paid. This applies to those residing within and outside of Canada. Payment may be made on line with credit card, certified cheque or money order. Please note that the registration application will not be approved until payment is received and successfully processed. If cheque: must be paid to: Institute for Middle East Studies Canada (IMESC)
4. No refund for cancellation is done. Membership fee is not transferable or refundable. Cancellation requests must be sent by mail, e-mail to IMESC Main Office.
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You can go to IMESC main website(, click on membership and pay the fees. Please write in the details, your name and purpose.
Another alternative is to transfer the fees to:

Institute for Middle East Studies Canada (IMESC)
BMO Bank of Montreal
Southdale and Wonderland
337 Southdale Road West
Bank account #: 8982250
Transit 29152
Branch#: 001

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