Quarantine Goose Chase Sign Up
This is the totally awesome form you'll use to officially sign up to compete in the Quarantine Goose Chase. It's pretty sweet.
First you need to pick a team name... Choose wisely
Alliteration is always fun... what about the Beige Blacksmiths? Just kidding, I'm taking that one. Make up your own!! Just make sure to pick something you'll remember, because that's how we'll be referring to you during the game. There's no submitting email addresses or phone numbers, so the only way for you to know how you're doing is to find your team name on the Quarantine Goose Chase web page.
What will your team name be? *
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Next you need to tell us who's on your team
Pick fake names if you want. The reason for this is simply to make sure teams are abiding by the 2 to 6 member rule. We'll be watching... Muahahahahahaha
What are the names of the 2 to 6 people on your team? *
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