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Nomination for 2019 Australian Mountain Running Team

By submitting this form, you express your interest in being part of the Australian Mountain Running Team.

It will require you to commit to travel to and from Argentina (minimum of 11 – 12 days away from 9 November – 19 / 20 November 2019). If you are a minor, you must be accompanied by a parent / carer or travel with the Australian Mountain Running Team Manager.

There are two competitions at the World Mountain Running Championships that the Australian Mountain Running Team will compete in – the short ‘classic’ course, for which the Australian Mountain Running Championships provide the selection races, and the long course, for which there are no specific selection races, and for which you can nominate separately. Both are held in the same area, so the team can travel as one.

The Short ‘Classic’ World Mountain Running Championships are held on the 15th November. This includes a junior distance of 6.6km and a senior distance of 14km. There are no age categories apart from ‘Junior’ (16 – 19 years olds on 31 Dec 2019) and the ‘Senior’ Distances.

The Long Distance Mountain Running Championships will be held on the 16th November and the minimum age is 20 years on 31 December 2019. The distance is 41.5km.

In short, the team member selection process for the short / classic distance is.
1. You complete and submit this nomination form before the 15th September 2019.
2. If you win your championship race (Junior or Senior M/F), you automatically qualify for the team.
3. The rest of the team is selected based on individual athlete performances relative to the winner’s time (so even if you come second or third, you are not guaranteed a spot on the team)
4. If the race lacks competition, and the winning time is slow, the selection panel may decide to: 1) only to select the winner for the team or 2) look further afield / look at your past performances

Regarding looking further afield: For example, if an athlete is ill on the day of the Australian Mountain Running Championships and does not compete, but has a convincing, excellent competition record, he / she may be selected on the team. However, it must be stressed that the selection panel only looks at this latter option if the performances at the Australian Mountain Running Championships are inadequate and the out-of-competition athlete is outstanding.

There is no specific selection race / race series to select team members to compete in the long distance race and is solely based on recent (approx12 months) domestic and international marathon distance trail and mountain running performances by individual athletes.

if you wish to nominate for both distances, please submit two nominations one for each distance. Please note that selectors are unlikely to select you for both the short and the long distance.

Funding: The cost of travel is estimated to be around $2,500 AUD. The Australian Mountain Running Association - AMRA provides the team uniforms and usually some funding, via their fundraising efforts. The WMRA also provides some funding and a few days of accommodation and food are provided on location. Athletes usually receive some funding from their clubs and need to investigate State / Territory funding. These funding arrangements usually range from $100 to a few hundred dollars per funding source.
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