Brock Farm Doodles, LLC                                              Online Matching Form (Application part 1)          and SALES AGREEMENT
NOTE:  When this application has been completed and submitted a virtual interview via Facetime, Zoom, or Google Meets will be scheduled.   We will contact you after we receive your application and set up the interview.  These interviews are designed to alleviate the fear of ever increasing scams taking place all over the country, to answer questions you may have before making a commitment to bring a puppy into your home, and most importantly to assist us in making the best possible match between your future puppy and your family.  Filling out this application does not guarantee a puppy. We will not accept deposits until after the virtual interview process is complete and both parties are in agreement one of our puppies will be the right match for you.


                       - PLEASE READ CAREFULLY-

         *Our F1bb Mini Labradoodles are $2000.00 regardless of gender or color.  
         *Our F1b Mini Goldendoodles are $2000.00 regardless of gender or color.
          *Our f1b toy/mini aussiedoodles will be $2500.00-3500.00 depending on gender and color.

          Note: If you have purchased a furbaby from us before you or a member or your immediate family will be
          given a $500.00 discount.

          Members of the military, veterans, medical & emergency personnel, & educators qualify for
          a 10% discount.  

         *A deposit of $500.00 is required (please see explanation and refund policy below)

All parents are either AKC full or limited registered and have undergone health and genetic testing to provide you with the highest quality puppy for your family. Only purebred dogs can have FULL AKC registration status (example, our poodles). A dog breed consisting of two purebred lines CAN receive AKC Canine Partners registration status.  Should we utilize a stud dog service we ensure these studs are registered proven sires and have also undergone genetic health testing.

Puppies will be wormed every two weeks, individually vet checked, immunized, temperament tested, & micro-chipped before they permanently leave our home.  

We utilize Puppy Culture Protocols from Day 1 as well as ENS (early neurological stimulation) with each puppy.

Puppies will be started with both litter box training and transitioned to crate training.

We introduce the puppies to OPEN crates at approximately 7 weeks of age. We transition open crates to briefly closed crates with another puppy from the same litter and finally to closed crate with individual puppy.  Again, this is an INTRODUCTION to crate training.  Please do not expect an 8 week old puppy to be completely housebroken or crate trained.  According to crate training/house breaking takes at least 6 months.    

Puppies and their parents are raised in our home (unless we utilize a stud service from reputable breeder).  We do not utilize kennels.  The puppies are held and loved on a daily basis by adults and children.  

If we approve your application we will require a virtual interview.  This interview is to give you a chance to "see" the puppies and parent(s) in our home, ask any questions you may have, and for us to get a better feel of your unique situation and needs so we may best match a puppy to you and your family.  If both parties are in agreement to pursue adoption with us we will require a $500.00 deposit to hold a puppy.  Puppies WILL NOT be chosen until they are temperament tested at 7 weeks of age.  We also utilize problem-solving tests, resource-guarding tests, and toy-drive tests. Read more about temperament testing here:   

This questionnaire, the virtual interview, temperament test results, & notes from daily interactions with each puppy help us to make the best possible match between one of our puppies and you! Thus far we have had excellent results using this methodology. However, should we be unable to make a match we feel will be a suitable fit for the needs of your family you will be given the option to defer your deposit to the next litter or receive a refund of your deposit. Should you decide after we have accepted your deposit that you want to withdraw your application the deposit will NOT be refunded.  Our goal here at Brock Farm Doodles is to provide you with the ideal life long companion. We love our fur babies and raise them with lots of love from day one.  Our expectations are that they will go to homes where they will be treated and loved like a member of the family for their entire lives.  With that said, the following set of questions are designed to assist us in determining that together with the buyer, we are choosing the best homes for each of our puppies - that we are making the best match possible of puppy to owner - taking into consideration the wants, needs, and lifestyle of the owner to the disposition, attributes, and talents of the puppy.  If you have additional information that may assist us in choosing a puppy that will compliment your family be sure to add this information in the comments section below and/or let us know during your virtual interview.  We want to be sure we place puppies in their “furever” homes!  
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Do you understand our current litters of F1bb mini labradoodles are expected to be a range of 25-40  pounds when full grown but there can always be genetic outliers which are out of our control (meaning a puppy may be under or over these weights)? *
If you work full time will your puppy be alone all day? Explain how you plan for your puppy to be cared for and allowed to potty during your working hours. *
Have you ever owned a dog before? *
Do you have children under 18? *
If the answer to the above question is yes, what are their ages?
Do you have other animals in your house? *
If the answer to the question above is "yes", please list the animals and indicate whether or not they are inside, outside, or both.
Are you planning on having your dog trained for any of the following: *
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If the answer to the above question is yes, have you ever bred dogs before?
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Will the dog be kept inside your home both day and night? *
If the answer to the above question is no, where will the dog be during the day? During the night?
What type of residence do you live in? *
Do you rent your residence? *
Does your residence have a fenced in yard?             Note: this does not include wireless pet fences. *
If the answer to the above question is no, what are your plans to keep your dog from running away and/or keeping other dogs away from your puppy?
How active is your lifestyle? *
We understand there are circumstances in life that happen which may render you unable to properly care for or keep your puppy.  If for any reason you are unable to keep your dog there is a section in our contract that requires you to notify us immediately so we may either come get the dog from you or assist you in rehoming the dog.  In no circumstances are our dogs to go to an animal shelter or another owner without our written consent.  Do you understand and agree with this policy? *
Who will your veterinarian be? *
Who will your groomer be? *
Are you and your family prepared to care for your Brock Farm Doodle Puppy for the life of the puppy (approximately 15 years)? *
Very important!!! What else can you share about you, your family, and your lifestyle that will help us in matching you and your family with the perfect fur baby? *
How did you hear about us? Internet search, Facebook, referral (who? I would love to thank them), etc.... *
Today’s date *
This is a two-step process.  We will not reserve your puppy until we have completed a virtual interview and received your $500.00 reservation and consultation fee.  We will send you an email with details on how to submit this fee once your puppy matching form/agreement and virtual interview has been approved. We will schedule virtual interviews based on the order matching forms/agreements are received.  

The Reservation and Consultation fee (deposit) is required in order to reserve a place on our reservation list.  We spend a lot of time consulting with you and choosing a puppy we believe will be the best fit for your family.  The fee is refundable if we are unable to provide you with a puppy but it may also be transferred to a different litter.  This fee is NOT refundable if you simply change your mind or back out of the agreement.   *
I understand each litter is unique and despite the best of genetic profiling there is no 100% way of predicting everything about a puppy.  I also understand the puppy selection will be done at approximately 7 weeks of age after the puppies have undergone temperament testing.  Puppies will be placed according to the results of the temperament tests in conjunction with our own observational records, & the applicant questionnaires & interviews. If there are more deposits than puppies available OR there is not a puppy that will be a good fit for your family as determined by Brock Farm Doodles you may choose to defer your deposit to the next litter or have your deposit refunded.  Finally, I understand that any breeding dogs will be selected FIRST from each litter, based on traits that will further the breed. *
Our puppies are sent home with a spay/neuter contract UNLESS other arrangements have been made in advance.  We require that this procedure be performed by their 1st birthday and we will ask for  proof of procedure.  This is non-negotiable and will be legally enforced. We will send request at 12-14 months of age and ask for proof of surgery if this has not been previously received. There will be legal action taken to reclaim puppy If proof is not received by the time puppy is 15 months old without an explanation from a veterinarian explaining why along with a scheduled appointment for the spay or neuter surgery from the same veterinarian. *
Other fees, tax: If you pay via a credit or debit card there will be a 3.9% fee to cover our card holder processing fees.  ACH transactions and cash transactions do not have a fee.                                         We are required to charge 6% Kentucky sales tax.  We are no longer accepting PayPal or GooglePay. You will be sent an invoice for the deposit and another invoice for the balance (due before picking up you puppy).       If you understand and agree to these conditions, please choose the letter "B" *
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If you have any other questions or concerns please let us know here.  This will help the virtual interview process go more smoothly.  
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