SFU Cheer Fall 2022 Tryout Form
SFU Cheerleading will be hosting in-person tryouts on September 14th in the SFU East Gym. This form must be filled out before tryouts begin. Check-in will start at 7:00PM and tryouts will begin right at 7:30PM. If you are feeling sick, please do not come to tryouts and contact us at sfucheerleading@gmail.com to arrange another try out date. 

Successful tryout candidates should be prepared for a second tryout on Sunday, September 18th at 7:30pm. Throughout the semester, the team practices two days per week; typically Wednesdays and Sunday evenings. All athletes are expected to attend all practices.
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I have come to tryouts on my own will.  I understand the risks that are inherent to the sport of cheerleading and that by participating, I put myself at risk of injury.  I understand the importance of safety in this sport and will not hold the coach or any member of SFU Cheerleading Club personally responsible for any injury obtained during the tryout process. I have read and understood the above form and have asked for clarification if needed. I am currently a student at SFU or FIC this semester, and will be an SFU or FIC student for at least the following two semesters. I understand that if I have given false information regarding about my status as a student at SFU or FIC that I forfeit all rights and liability issues should I get hurt during the tryout process. *
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