YES Youth Consulting Pitch Application
Interested in getting youth/student feedback or support on a stewardship-related project your organization is currently working on? Have an important environmental policy, budget, or program decision that affects high school aged youth and want their input on your proposed plan? Fill out the form below to get connected to a group of regional youth from across the Front Range of Colorado! You can choose to engage with youth in two different ways:

1) One Time "Pitch Night": These are the one off consultancy pitches. The YES Coalition will facilitate a quick, one night roundtable opportunity for you to get input from many different youth in a rapid, first-reactions way. This is a great option for organizations looking for a quick review of a project or policy that is in later stages of development; initial thoughts and ideas around new, yet-to-be-developed projects or policies; or projects/policies that need youth input but aren't set up to include youth in leadership opportunities or management of the projects.

2) Long Term "Leadership or Consultancy Projects": These are 3-7 month long commitments to engage with youth, share power and decision-making with them, and allow teams of youth to support in the development of a project. At the start of the term, the youth will hear various possible project pitches and vote on which they would like to pursue. A set of 3-4 students will take on each project with a total of 3 projects per term. Though this is a smaller group, they are expected to be leading the project with you, so they may be able to organize feedback from a larger group of youth if that is helpful to the project. You are able to pitch 1 project per term however you are able to pitch as many terms as you would like. This is a great option for projects that require more time to complete, or have many smaller tasks that youth could gain additional experience with such as: a website development project where youth have agency to inform the design of the new site, and autonomy to create and contribute some of the content; a review of a long-standing or complicated program that serves youth where youth consultants would need to gain a deeper understanding of the program than one night would allow; or a new program idea to serve youth where the organization with funding would like to co-create the program with youth themselves.

To pursue either option, please fill out the following Application. Deadline for the August 2021 - March 2022 Term is SATURDAY, JULY 31, 2021.

Questions, or not sure if your project is a good fit? Text Maddy at 720-234-4835 or email Natasha at
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