A Public Petition against Corruption

Asian Social Institute, a graduate school of transformative praxis, denounces in strongest terms the recent anomalies that have surfaced regarding the use, by some of our legislators, of the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) or more commonly known as “pork barrel.” As we echo the anguish and appeal of our beloved Cardinal Tagle to our national leaders, we also express our solidarity with our brothers and sisters who have been greatly deprived of their right to a life endowed with human dignity because of greed that has made some of our leaders blind to their abysmal plight and deaf to their cry.

This disgusting situation has to stop!!!

Come join our voices and walk our cause.

    Declaration of Unity to ASI's Petition

    I do understand and accept the fact that by affixing my name here on this form I am willfully and wholeheartedly joining the Asian Social Institute in denouncing corruption in the Philippine government today, particularly the questionable use of the Priority Development Fund (PDAF) by some of our legislators. Likewise, in ASI's stand to be in solidarity with the poor and marginalized who have greatly suffered from these anomalies.
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    An appeal made by Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle on August 14, 2013