TCQHA 2024 Salad Classic Free Agent
*Do not use this link to register if you are a TCQHA player. Your team captain will register you as a team.

Games with be played at the Parade Ice Garden (600 Kenwood Pkwy, Minneapolis, MN 55403) except for five games on Saturday which will be played at Northeast Ice Arena (1306 Central Ave. NE Minneapolis, MN 55413).

Four games guaranteed: Friday morning and afternoon, Saturday afternoon and evening, and Sunday morning. A fifth game will be played by two teams in each division for the championship in each division.

$150 non refundable fee is due upon completion of this form payable via TCQHA website.

As a free agent, you might be placed on an existing team, but it is recommended you bring a WHITE and BLACK jersey with numbers on the back.

Once you register, a tournament organizer will be in contact with you closer to the tournament with details and a captain will reach out. If you have any questions, please e-mail
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Twin Cities Queer Hockey Association (TCQHA) "League"

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Level 1:
Players / Goalies at this level are becoming more comfortable on their skates, but still struggle going backwards. They are probably just getting comfortable with positional play, learning to skate with head up, learning the rules, team concepts and understand offensive and defensive zones. Skating - Stick handling - Passing - Shooting skills are all in the 3 to 4 out of 10 range.

Level 3:
Players / Goalies are the great wide middle of adult recreational hockey. Most Level 3 skaters have not had significant coaching or played significant youth hockey as a child, but are generally athletic, have good knowledge of the game, skating and puck handling skills and can play at a general competitive level. Some Level 3 skaters may be slowing with age and moving down from higher ranks. Simply put Level 3 players are average in most areas of the game.

Level 5:
Players / Goalies at this level play at a high level in all areas of the game. They understand the rules, team concepts, are skilled at stick handling, passing, puck control etc. They are in above average physical shape. Skating - Stick handling - Passing - Shooting skills are all in the 8 out of 10 range.
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