JMS Report Bullying Now
This is an anonymous reporting form and no personal or electronic data will be collected. Every report will be reviewed and taken seriously by Susan Kosmala (Principal), Bethany Nelson (Assistant Principal), and Traniece Brown-Warrens (Assistant Principal).

If there is an immediate concern, if you are afraid for your safety or if someone is threatening to hurt you or someone else in any way, please consider talking directly with Mrs. Kosmala, Ms. Nelson, Ms. Brown-Warrens, Ms. Knochel, Ms. Georgilas, Ms. Oswald, Mx. Bassi, or other trusted adults.
Please check the type(s) of bullying you are reporting.
Type the name of student being bullied.
Type the name of the student(s) that are doing the bullying.
Please describe the bullying incident(s) and area(s) in which the bullying is occurring.
It is very important to us that every student, teacher, staff, and person at Jackson Middle School feels safe and free of bullying and harassment. Please help us make Jackson a 100% bully free school by standing up against and reporting acts of bullying and harassment.

Mrs. Kosmala, Ms. Nelson, and Mr. Newsome
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