Call for Proposals for IASL Conference 2017: "The Perfect Blend: Innovative, Grounded, Future Ready"
Teacher Librarians wear many hats: reading coach, literature expert, technology guru, program developer, book/record keeper, etc. Perhaps that is why now, more than every, today's teacher librarian must offer "The Perfect Blend."

This conference will focus on innovative uses of resources, time, and emerging technologies coupled with literacy and instruction grounded in research and best practice to help make students and teachers ready for an ever-changing changing world. To this end, we want to explore new strategies for proving to policy-makers, communities, other educators, and students that libraries and TLs are essential leaders in 21st century schools.

Join us--and share your knowledge, your questions, and your innovative practice. You don't have to be an expert - just be willing to share how your practice aligns with this year's focus.

Complete this online form describing the content of your proposed session by midnight, February 20. A selection committee will review the proposals and select those for inclusion in the conference. The results will be communicated to applicants by February 28th.

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Lightning talks: These 5-minute talks (similar to Ignite or Pecha Kucha) will include of 20 image-based slides (auto-advanced every 15 seconds) and are a great way to share an idea or experience. Some lighting talks will be presented on Sunday evening to the large group of conference participants. Additional lightning talks will be presented Monday in groups of 5 during a 50-minute concurrent session. If selected, we will send you a link to sample lightning talk and previously established Google Slides formatted template.

Concurrent sessions: Concurrent sessions take place on Monday, and we encourage proposals that include model teaching, examination of student work, interaction or application for participants, or panel discussions. Additionally, if you have a hands-on activity (i.e., library breakout or research/technology lesson), please consider submitting a proposal for a session.

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