Proposed District of Innovation Plan
Student’s Instructional Needs Exemption From:
TEC §25.0811, EB(LEGAL), EB(LOCAL) A district may not begin instruction for students for a school year before the fourth Monday in August. A district may not receive a waiver of this requirement.

This flexibility of a start date allows the district to determine locally, on an annual basis, what best meets the needs of the students and local community. This flexibility of the start date also offers the following opportunities:
a) This will allow the first and second semesters to be somewhat equal in the number of days of instruction.

b) Students participating in dual enrollment opportunities will work with balanced semesters, which align with our local colleges.

c) An early start date permits students an additional week of instruction prior to state assessments in December.

d) This will allow the district time to provide proper remediation to students in summer school.

e) Students will be afforded opportunities to enroll in summer college sessions with finalized official transcripts and staff will be able to attend summer school classes as well.

f) This would allow an option to start school with a shorter week, easing the transition back to school for all students.

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