MVLA Kudos
MVLA Kudos
An opportunity to celebrate the good things people are doing at MVLA

Who stood out and did an exceptional job of helping MVLA and/or your team?
Did you notice someone volunteering and stepping up to make a big difference?
Did you see someone stepping outside their comfort zone to help?

Please share your stories (in the form below) and recommend people you noticed for recognition by MVLA. See examples here for ideas. We have some gift certificates and will seek more gift certificates to award to MVLA kudos recipients while our supplies last.

The MVLA Kudos committee will review the stories and pick one for recognition for each newsletter in the Kudos Korner.

(Let us know if you or your business would like to donate a gift certificate for a Kudos winner that will be announced in the Kudos Korner of the monthly MVLA newsletter and listed on the MVLA website)

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Also let us know if you would like to donate gift certificates
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