Before you fill out the form below to register for our Homecoming event, Project Gifted Gown, with the Indianapolis Public Library on Wednesday, September 4th from 4pm to 7pm you MUST have already booked your appointment via our website: If you have NOT booked your appointment, your registration will be cancelled.

You MUST be registered to attend to receive items for Homecoming. All guests need to fill out their own registration form as we can only have ONE form per person.

If you have questions, please contact us via email at THANK YOU!

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I certify that I am experiencing financial hardship and am requesting the services of THE GIFTED GOWN, INC I understand that THE GIFTED GOWN, INC works to help the community by gifting formal attire to those in need. I fully understand that THE GIFTED GOWN, INC in no way, approves or tolerates any unethical or immoral handling of the donations the organization gifts to third parties free of charge. I will not sell any items given to me by THE GIFTED GOWN, INC or any of their partners. THE GIFTED GOWN, INC reserves the right to withhold services from anyone who has been found to have taken advantage of the organization/services or who has fraudulently used the organization/services for personal gain.

I hereby release, indemnify and hold harmless THE GIFTED GOWN, INC, and the organizers, sponsors and supervisors of all its activities from all liability in connection with any injury (including injury caused by negligence). I recognize that I have the right and the responsibility to decline to perform any task or activity which I deem to be unsuitable for me. I further understand that THE GIFTED GOWN, INC staff and volunteers may have physical contact with me while assisting with gown or tuxedo/suit fittings, and I hereby authorize appropriate physical contact while providing assistance such as, but not limited to, adjusting a strap, helping with a zipper, etc.


I hereby authorize THE GIFTED GOWN, INC to publish photographs taken of me while at THE GIFTED GOWN, INC or participating in activities representing THE GIFTED GOWN, INC I give my permission for my name and likeness to be used in THE GIFTED GOWN INC's print, online and video-based marketing materials, as well as other Company publications and hold harmless any reasonable expectation of privacy or confidentiality associated with the images.

If you agree to all of the above, please acknowledge by digitally signing below. If the above individual is a minor (under age 18) and you agree to the above, a parent or legal guardian must digitally sign below.

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