2017 GSP Alumni Survey
Spring 2017 marks the 10th Anniversary of the Guardian Scholars Program and we will be celebrating this amazing achievement on June 2, 2017 from 6 - 8pm at the Alumni Center. For GSP Alumni and graduating seniors, we are hosting a GSP Alumni Network the night before - June 1st, 6 - 8pm at Woodstocks (Downtown Davis).

Whether you are able to attend one event, both events or neither, we would love an update on how you are doing and what you've accomplished since graduating from UC Davis. We would also like to share your update at the GSP's 10th Anniversary Celebration (with your permission). Please take a moment to tell us how you are doing.

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Have you enrolled in a graduate or professional degree program since graduating UC Davis?
If yes, please tell us about the graduate and professional degree(s) you've received or which degree you are currently working on.
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Are you currently employed?
If you are working, please tell us about your current job/career?
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Please take a few minutes to share any academic, personal, or career achievements post-UC Davis. The more the better!
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May we share part of your achievements at GSP's 10th Anniversary Celebration on June 2nd?
Do you plan on attending the GSP Alumni Network even on June 1st?
You can RSVP here or on Facebook (or both): https://www.facebook.com/events/215800375557874/
Do you plan on attending GSP 's 10th Anniversary and Student Achievement Celebration? (June 2)
You can RSVP here or on the invitation that was sent out to you (check your UCD email if you didn't receive it)
Did you have a mentor? Do you still keep in contact with him/her?
If you are still in contact with your mentor, please provide your mentor's name and email. We would like to invite her/him as well.
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If GSP helped or supported you in any way, please share here:
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Are you interested in being a "Friend of the Guardian Scholars Program"? A "friend" is a mentor, professional connection, or a donor.
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