Liturgy Survey
Dear Parishioners,

In order to enhance our liturgical worship at Saint Anthony's, we ask that you give prayerful consideration to the following questions and to your answers. We ask that all questionnaires be submitted by Sunday, April 28th. You may give your name at the end of the form or choose to respond anonymously.
Thank you for helping to keep Saint Anthony's a strong, faithful community where “heart speaks to heart.”

I usually attend Mass at St. Anthony's (check all that apply)
My experience prayer at weekend Mass in my parish is
What do you appreciate about Mass st St. Anthony's?
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Describe your child's/children's experience of Mass at St. Anthony's.
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When you attend Mass do you ...
Prepare before Mass by reading the scriptures, praying, etc...
Arrive on time and stay until the liturgy is concluded
Keep silence when called for by the liturgy
Assume the postures and make the gestures called for by the liturgy
Sing the hymns
Listen to the scriptures and prayers rather than reading along
Exchange the sign of peace
Receive Communion
See in the dismissal a call to serve God and others in the world
Would you use an assisted listening device?
The Ministers and church environment... (check all that apply)
Are well prepared
Help me to pray the Mass
Help me to encounter Christ
Parochial Vicar
Eucharistic Ministers
Altar Servers
Physical Space
The homilies given by the following usually...(Check all that apply)
Parochical Vicar
Are understandable
Have a focus
Are well-prepared
Help me to reflect on my faith
Connect to my daily life
Are too long
Are too short
Are about the right legnth
I would like to minister in the liturgy by serving as
I would like a follow-up with a member of the staff or Liturgy & Worship Commission. If Yes please provide your contact information.
I would be willing to participate in a focus group regarding the liturgy. If Yes please provide your contact information.
Please discuss any other topics related to St. Anthony's liturgy and/or worship.
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