2020 LPNH Liberty Awards nominations
Only current LPNH Members may make nominations or be nominated.
Nominations are open until 11:59pm on Oct 31, 2019.
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Standard Bearer of Liberty:
This recipient is honored as the person most responsible for the growth of the party and dedication to the libertarian cause in New Hampshire.
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Volunteer of the Year Award:
Awarded to the Libertarian who went above and beyond to give their time and talents to further the success of the party; or who worked above and beyond in an extraordinary fashion, and has significantly contributed to the success of a campaign.
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Outreach Award:
Awarded to a party member who has worked exceptionally hard to spread the message of libertarian principles to as many potential voters as possible.
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Candidate of the Year Award:
Awarded to the Libertarian Candidate that has shown an extraordinary ability to reach and connect with voters, as well as further the cause of libertarianism.
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Officeholder of the Year:
Awarded to a current elected officeholder of the Libertarian Party that best promotes libertarian principles and values through public service.
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