Membership at Vineyard Central
There are a couple different ways we think about membership here at VC. Please read through the following descriptions and prayerfully consider how you can best commit to this community.

Covenant Members are Christ followers that have committed to VC as their primary church family and to growing in specific practices that encourage a shared rhythm of life:

-Worshipping, praying and sharing in the Eucharist together (Weekly)
-Building relationships with and praying for immediate neighbors (Weekly)
-Observing Sabbath rest (Weekly)
-Hosting Sunday gatherings at St. Elizabeth by serving in a specific way (Monthly)
-Financially supporting VC (Monthly)
-Meeting together for discipling relationships (Monthly)
-Serving with a community partner (Monthly)
-Shepherding and mentoring children and/or young adults (Monthly)
-Discerning together as a church family (Monthly)
-Contributing to potluck meals and/or parties (Monthly)

Parish Partners are Christ followers that resonate with and participate in the mission of VC but are members of another church family.

Missional Partners are Christ followers that consider VC their home or sending church family and are seeking to replicate, extend or broaden the mission of VC outside of Norwood.

In part because we do not want it to become an empty title, Covenant Membership is a yearly commitment. We ask every current Member to reexamine whether or not they wish to remain committed in this way. This gives us a sense of who the crew of the ship is and who the hosts of the party are.

Covenant Membership is not designed to exclude people from participation in VC; rather, it is designed to invite people into a deeper commitment to the church and to our neighborhood. Even if you choose not to be a Member or Partner, you are still very much welcome and invited to participate in the life of Vineyard Central!

Please fill out this form and let us know your intentions for the year ahead. If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact Josh or one of the other Elders (Thurman, Janet, Kara and Jeremy).

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