ASCC Student Survey
The survey below seeks to compile data on Students’ experiences in using MOODLE as a virtual classroom during the “Code Red Declaration” for American Samoa effective February 22, 2022.
Please indicate if you are a dual student, part-time, or full-time student. *
1. Do you have access to internet at home? *
2. If yes, what device (s) are you using? *
3. Are you able to communicate with your instructors? *
4. Are you able to access your courses on MOODLE? *
5. What other technological means are you currently using to access your courses? Check all that apply. *
6. What challenges are you experiencing with accessing your courses on MOODLE? *
7. Are you able to access ASCC Support Services on MOODLE such as tutoring and counseling? *
8. What help do you need to be successful in your course working remotely? *
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