The All Sports Camp is for Mitchell County School System Student's only. The deadline to complete form is May 11th 2021.
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Liability Wavier: I hereby certify that my child is in appropriate physical condition to participate in the All Sports Camp at The Mitchell County High School on June 12, 2021. If medical attention is required for illness while at camp, I give permission for such care. The All Sports Camp Directors , Mitchell County High School and the Camp staff will not be responsible for and not provide payment for any medical, dental, Hospital or Lab fees due to injury incurred while attending the All Sports Camp *
Photo/Video Release statement: I hereby give the All Sports Camp, without compensation or consideration , permission to use photo, video and /or audio tape that may be taken or recorded while attending the All Sports Camp for promotional, Educational or fundraising activities. I waive any rights that may have any rights that I may have to inspect or approve of the finished product or the use to which it may be applied. *
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