WP4BL Childcare Inquiry
Please complete and submit if you are interested in bringing your children to WP4BL meetings in the future. We are working to understand the needs of our group's childcare situation for 2017. Please note: Your email address will NOT be shared without your consent.
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Tiffany Guerra
How many children may attend WP4BL with you at the next meeting in 2017?
How old are the children who may accompany you to the next WP4BL meeting? Please check all that apply.
Would you prefer your child be in the same room as the meeting (versus in a separate space)?
Will you be able to provide activities (clean toys or games without small pieces, coloring books or notepads) to keep your child occupied for 1-3 hours?
Will you need additional activities to be provided to engage your child?
How would you rate your child’s comfort level in childcare (ex. very comfortable, moderately comfortable, or not at all comfortable)?
Would you like to volunteer for child care committee?
Please include any other comments here including accessibility or special needs information:
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