Rabble Rousers University Training
This school will develop a new generation of diverse, adaptive, and strategic
union leaders across Tennessee. The training will focus on how the economy is rigged against working people
and explore the kind of organizing and political action that is needed to win racial and economic justice. Participants will learn how to talk about the economy and how we can change the rules to work for all of us, have skillful organizing conversations, assemble effective teams, turn issues into winning campaigns, power map, develop
electoral plans, and much more.

Emerging leaders will get a chance to cultivate lasting relationships and expand the capacity of their unions and the broader labor movement in Tennessee, allowing us to win victories together that we could never win alone.

SCHEDULE: Three Full Days - June 28, 29 & 30
Day 1: Common Sense Economics/Reversing Runaway Inequality
Day 2: Internal Organizing/Secrets of a Successful Organizer
Day 3: Building Majorities/Multiracial Coalitions/Effective Political Programs

$375/affiliate member
Includes lodging, food, & training materials
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