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SLC Group Placement Questionnaire
Welcome! The short questionnaire below is intended for you to share as much (or as little) about yourself as you'd like so that you can be matched with a group that will best accompany you (and visa versa) in your journey this fall. All are welcome in this space! Ignatian Spirituality (the essence of the Jesuit approach) is the lens through which participants will reflect on their experiences, with the ultimate goal of deeper self-knowledge and stronger bonds with one another as we "set the world on fire" with our Jesuit education.
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Major(s), minor(s), or academic areas of interest
What geographic location will you be spending the majority of your fall quarter?
Are you familiar with Ignatian Spirituality?
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Were you a part of CLC in the past?
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If you have been a part of CLC, would you want to remain with your same or similar group this quarter?
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With as much detail as you'd like, please describe how you identify with religious and/or spiritual traditions.
What are some of the things you hope to get out of small-group spiritual conversations?
Is there a topic(s) that you'd like to be a focus item(s) of your small group? Feel free to be as broad or specific as you'd like.
Would you want your small group to be an affinity group of some sort? (e.g. shared: language, culture, race, year at SCU, religious tradition, sexual orientation, etc.)
If it were feasible, would you be interested in a geographically-based group that might be able to organize an occasional in-person meeting?
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Would you be interested in taking up a leadership role for your small group or for the larger SLC/CLC community?
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What are the best days and times (for now) that you would be available to meet with your small group?
Feel free to name people you would like to be part of your group. Feel free to leave this question blank, too!
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