Credit Recovery Contact Form
Hello credit-recovery students! We know that many of you are concerned about completing your credits while the schools are not open. Your teachers have been busy putting together class materials and transitioning the program to a more mobile format. To continue with your credit recovery class through a remote option, please complete the form below and you will be connected with your instructor.
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What devices do you have access to for receiving, completing and submitting your coursework?
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Instructors may use the Remind app (or similar app) to communicate with students. This will allow them to send group texts and enable you to ask questions directly to your teacher. Your phone number and questions WILL NOT be visible to other students. You can opt out at any time. *
Students are expected to act with honesty and academic integrity. Failure to do so may result in removal from the program. Violations of academic integrity include, but are not limited to, such actions as cheating; plagiarizing; passing off someone else's work as your own; having other people complete assignments for you; using internet searches for assessments when it is not stated; or assisting with such activities. *
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