4-H Volunteer Excellence Award Nomination
Volunteer Excellence Award: 4-H volunteer excellence is based on the impact to the overall program by volunteers who go above and beyond their roles to ensure youth achieve thriving outcomes through high quality programming and positive relationships. These volunteers should model the thriving outcomes with examples such as demonstrated personal and professional growth and challenge, high personal standards and responsibility, and/or high performance in teams.

There are two other award categories that volunteers can be nominated for aside from the general Volunteer Excellence Award. See below:

Rookie: In addition to the general excellence award requirements, the rookie excellence award applies to volunteers with less than three years of service who have exhibited significant impact to the program beyond their experience with 4-H. Candidates may have introduced new and valuable skills to the program or have stepped into challenging roles needed for the positive evolution of the program.

Lifetime achievement: In addition to the general excellence award requirements, candidates for the lifetime achievement award have served as a volunteer for over 20 years and demonstrate continued growth in their volunteer development and impact for the program. Additionally, lifetime achievement candidates should exhibit excellence in team work particularly in the form of mentoring other volunteers.
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