Portland Food Co-op Board Candidate Application 2019
Any active Member-Owner of the Portland Food Co-op, in good standing, may run for a seat on the Board of Directors. In order to be nominated as a candidate by the Board, you need to:

-Fill out this application and submit it by 11:59pm March 1, 2019, along with a high-resolution headshot of yourself.

-Attend one Board meeting, either January 22nd or February 26th, 7-9 pm at 409 Cumberland Ave if you have not already attended one in 2018. Please email us at board@portlandfood.coop to let us know you plan to attend.

-Participate in one Board informational session on January 22nd or February 26th prior to the Board meeting (at 6:00 pm) 409 Cumberland Ave.

-Participate in a candidate interview with the Board members to be scheduled after receiving your application and before March 16th.

-Bring suitable skills, experience, or other attributes that will allow you to contribute constructively to Board discussions.

-Read the PFC Board of Directors’ Code of Conduct (item C5 in the Policy Register). In submitting this application you are agreeing to adhere to all of its terms, should you be elected.

-Familiarize yourself with the Board candidate packet, which includes a background on Policy Governance and important Board Candidate information.

-We strongly recommend attending the Co-op Board Leadership 101 Training on Jan 12th in New Hampshire. If you’re interested in attending, please email gm@portlandfood.coop, ccing board@portlandfood.coop, to register. We are also arranging a carpool.

You may visit the Board page on our website for more information: https://www.portlandfood.coop/board-elections. If you still have questions, contact board members at board@portlandfood.coop.

Please note that your responses will be posted publicly as part of the elections process. This statement will appear on the PFC website and on the store bulletin board so that Member-Owners can make an informed choice as to who to vote for.

Thank you for your interest in serving on the Board of Directors.

Job Description of the Portland Food Co-Op Board
The Work of The Board - (Five primary functions)

The board has identified its five primary jobs that together form its principal work, undertaken in pursuit of our mission. Each function has desired outcomes and activities that will help achieve those outcomes. They are:

Member-Owner/Board Linkage:
The board engages member-owners (MOs) in the democratic governance of the Co-op and promotes MOs’ sense of belonging to the Co-op. The board must understand the needs and wishes of our large and varied ownership to be able to make good decisions. Developing new MO leaders will ensure the continued successful governance of the Co-op.
Example activities: Board elections and recruitment; the annual meeting; board-planned MO events (i.e., surveys, forums); newsletter articles.

Monitor the General Manager:
The board hires a General Manager (GM) and holds him/her accountable. The board sets written policies and goals and then solicits written monitoring reports from the GM, which the board uses to evaluate his/her progress and achievement. Monitoring includes both financial and mission-based ends. The board and GM must form a positive, trustworthy, and productive partnership and act together as the Co-op’s senior management team.
Example activities: Read and respond to GM monitoring reports; review policies and make updates as needed.

Leadership as Directors:
To be successful, board members must commit to developing as leaders, both individually and as a group. The board must understand our own organization and also the larger cooperative world. The board helps establish and evolve the culture of the Co-op.
Example activities: Learn through reading, workshops, and events; attend the annual board retreat; participate in events and activities at the PFC and with other cooperative organizations.

Maintain the Larger View:
To make decisions and move the Co-op forward, the board needs to understand the larger environmental, social, and political contexts within which the PFC operates. Board members and the GM identify opportunities and challenges for the Co-op and decide how to respond.
Example activities: Group learning and discussion at board meetings

Long-term Strategic Planning:
The board uses all of the work and learning discussed here to develop a vision and plan for the future of the Co-op.
Example activities: Lead the growth and expansion of the Co-op’s mission when opportunities arise; collaborate with the GM to develop long-term plans for achievement of the Co-op’s mission and ends.

First and Last Name
Phone number
Why do you want to be on the board of the Portland Food Co-op? (100 word limit)
How do you see the Co-op fitting into the broader Portland community? (100 word limit)
What leadership experience do you have that you will bring to the Co-op board? (100 word limit)
The board monitors (reviews) the general manager’s activities and plans for achieving the co-op’s goals. What experience have you had around developing and supporting progress towards goals? (100 word limit)
Have you attended the Co-op Board Leadership 101 training?
Anything else you think Member-Owners should know about you? (50 word limit)
Please upload a high resolution head shot that can be used in our election materials
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