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The objective it to get your valuable feedback: the good, the bad and the ugly.

I will send you $5 for completing the multiple-choice questions; if you complete the free-text answers, I will send you another $5 for a total of ten dollars. I will be doing these surveys in phases and this is the first. I will pay you with PayPal. Your email will never be used for anything else.

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1. Is what Notita offers clear to you? *
Anything missing?
2. What were your key take aways from the About Us page?
3. How would you feel about wearing a Fitbit or other wearable most days? *
1 = Bad 5 = Very Good
Very Good
4. Do you use a Fitness App now? *
5. How would you feel about being paid for exercise? *
Very Bad
Very Good
6. Would you like to see how your physical activity compares to others in your age group? *
(The app interface will provide a realtime view of the "competition")
7. Is there too much techno-jargon? *
How should I change it to make it better for you? *
8. Would it be cool to you to see your physical activity data in a beautiful smartphone app?
9. Improving Your Health & Saving on Medical Expenses is the primary goal of HealthWorks. Do you think it may help you knowing you are competing in a team/group situation (anonymously) for a monetary reward and group recognition? *
Not very much
Very much
11. What is the biggest challenge you face to regular exercise?
10. Did you look at the Facebook Page? *
10. What didn’t I ask that I should have?
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