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Safe2Heal researches and publishes stories of healing and transformation. We welcome references and direct submissions.

Each story has six components. A person’s Situation at a point of the time. The Background that preceded the situation. The Outcome and the Time it took between the situation and the outcome. The heart of the story is what ideas, practices, modalities and support the person practiced and participated in that changed their conditions from being in pain to being free of pain. The support section calls out people and organizations central to the person’s transformation. Please refer to to see the published healing stories for additional background.

Please attach documentation or provide a link to documentation if appropriate for the healing story.

Please provide contact information.

Our standard process is to review a submission and provide an initial response. With stories we intend to publish we normally schedule an interview and share a draft for feedback and approval. Cycle time varies.

Thanks so much for taking the time to complete this submission form. Documented stories of healing provide powerful motivation for people to make the commitment to practice in their everyday lives.

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