RV Rally 2019 Registration
We are excited that you are going to join us at this Cajun RV Rally.

The Rally cost is $395 per couple (singles or extra persons contact us for your costs) which includes campsite from Thursday evening through Monday evening. The Cajun RV Rally will be held in Rayne, LA which is near Lafayette. The event Arrival April 4th to Leaving April 9th, 2019. You are welcome to come early and stay late. (Extended Parking is $20 including tax per night additional)

Your site location will be determined on a first come basis. Every attempt will be made to park you with your friends. Please have your lead person tell us how many will be in your group. We suggest you have ONE person speak for the group.

• This park has a single lane entrance/exit

• We also suggest you have with you an extension
for electricity and water.

• If you have a "splitter for conversion from 30 amp to 50" It will be helpful

• physical address 210 Frog Festival Dr Rayne, LA 70578 - will not accept mail sorry.

• GPS coordinates... N W Near the main building.

There are lots of dump sites facilities at the 30 amp locations and you can use your cheater there to get more amps. There is fresh water at all locations..

It would be helpful if you are in a group you try to come in at the same time. It truly helps us facilitate things.

Come ready to relax, have fun and meet new travelers.

For additional information check with our website www.cajunrvrally.com.


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Send check to Cajun RV Rally, 13707 Rolling Hills Lane, Dallas, TX 75240
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Welcome and thank you
When you complete this form a copy should arrive in your email inbox, check your "updates" section.

We will be sending you information about the event as needed. Please look for it in your email box. If your plans change please let us know.

The cut off date for cancellation and no refund is March 20, 2019

You can reach Don at don@cajunrvrally.com. Please contact us via email. If further contact is needed we will provide you with our phone number.

Given the quantity of participants this will help us solve your situation quickly and efficiently.

Thanks for joining us in April 2019

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