Super Body Fuel - Branding
We're starting to think about how to communicate what we do, what we make, what we stand for. Help us figure it out! :D
Reporters tend to assume you're all workaholic programmers. :p But who are you really?
What is your gender?
How old are you?
What kind of work (or school) do you do?
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What do you like to do for fun?
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What social media do you use most?
Your Search...
Somehow, you found us. What were you looking for?
What problem(s) were you trying to solve?
What made you realize this solution exists?
How did you come across Super Body Fuel?
What did you like about our products?
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What competing products did you consider?
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Our Product...
How does our product fit into your life?
Which of our products do you use?
How often do you use it?
Do you buy it for anyone else?
What is frustrating about the buying experience?
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What is nice about the buying experience?
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Our Brand...
Who are we? At least, in your mind.
What do you associate with the name "Schmilk"?
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What do you associate with "Super Body Fuel"?
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Names aside, what do we stand for in your mind?
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Would you recommend our product to others?
Any other ideas, thoughts, or feedback? :)
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Thank you! :D
Please email us if you want to help out with promotion, copywriting, or graphic design!
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