2024-2025 GPA K-8th Grade Application
This is for NEW Families only!  

Thank you for applying to Grove Patterson Academy for the 2024-2025 school year.  Grove Patterson Academy is a highly rated, tuition-free Kindergarten through 8th Magnet school open to all students who live in Toledo and surrounding areas.  While attending GPA, your child will experience a rigorous research-based Success for All Reading Curriculum (K-6), combined with a positive school climate that encourages self-motivation in students; a specially selected and committed faculty who maintains high expectations for your student’s success; and an enriched physical environment with Foreign Language instruction in Spanish. 

Class sizes are limited to 22 students in each classroom to ensure optimum learning opportunities for students. Students are required to adhere to strict attendance, discipline, academic and uniform policy to enhance expectations for student success and learning as well as a commitment from families who are required to volunteer 10 hours per year.    School bus transportation is provided for all TPS students who reside more than 1 mile from school and live within the Toledo Public School district.

A lottery will take place for students at grade levels where a vacancy exists. Students whose names are drawn will be notified of their selection via email. Parents have a one week deadline to notify the secretary whether they accept or decline the spot. (This deadline can be shortened as needed) If parents do not meet the deadline, the position is declared vacant and another lottery draw is held. Parents will receive email notification of the status of their child’s application no later than May 1st. Applicants not selected will have their applications remain on file until the last day of August of each school year. If a student is not selected, you must reapply. There is no waiting list to attend GPA. Siblings who wish to enroll must reside in the same household as the custodial parent.  Verification will be requested. Alumni  of GPA students who wish to enroll their child or sibling will receive preferential enrollment, however enrollment is NOT guaranteed. 

Applications are accepted year-round, however additional vacancies that become available after May 1st will continue to be filled on a lottery basis.  Space is limited.  No new students will be enrolled after the first week of school. To begin the process of enrollment, you must complete (1) application form for each child you wish to enroll.  

Kindergarten: A child must turn 5 years old on or before September 30th in order to enroll in kindergarten.  If you still wish to enroll your child you must email your request for an Early Entrance Exam to the principal at hjohnson@tps.org.    No spot will be held due to testing.

ALL NEW FAMILIES TO GPA are required to attend our New Parent Orientation to be held at a later date and time. 

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List other names and grades of siblings applying for admission.  Priority is given to students who currently have siblings attending GPA.  Siblings/Children of GPA Alumni will receive preference for enrollment, however they are not guaranteed acceptance. *You must submit an application for each sibling. 
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Does your child have or receive any of the following? *You must email a copy to gparegistrations.org, or fax 419-671-3395 a copy to the school.  Please put your child's name in the subject line of your email.  Your application will not be considered complete without this information.  *
Has your child ever been suspended/expelled/removed from school for any reason?  This information will not automatically exclude your child from enrollment; however failure to disclose this information can/will result in an automatic dismissal from The Academy. *
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Students applying for admission in Grades 1-8 must submit with their application the following information.   Current grades, current attendance records, discipline records.  Grades 3-8 must submit previous years State/District Test Scores.  This information can be emailed to gparegistrations@tps.org or faxed to 419-671-3395.   Your application will not be considered complete without this information. 
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I understand that Grove Patterson Academy has strict policies pertaining to attendance, behavior, homework, and volunteer obligations. I have read a copy of the GPA Parent Agreement and the Admission and Application Guidelines and agree to the terms/obligations if my child is admitted to the Academy.   These can be found at 
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