OrlandoFox Commission Form - Reference Sheet
(PLEASE HAVE THIS FORM COMPLETELY/APPROPRIATELY FILLED OUT!! If you can NOT actually give me full details of what you'd like, any references I would need, etc, then please do NOT hit submit on a form!)

You can use sites like Imgur, Dropbox, etc to create links for references!

My Terms of Service/general commission info can be found here!


Commission Statuses - https://trello.com/b/BAILXBq2/commission-queue-list-orlandofox
Email *
Alternate method of contact?
When the time comes to get started on your commission, we will send you an email-- but sometimes, those get lost along the way! If you'd like to make sure you don't miss your chance, feel free to provide us with a Telegram, Twitter, Discord, or anything along those lines, and we will send you a message there as well!
What is your name?/How do you want to be referred? *
Doesn't have to be your actual name; can be character or otherwise!
How would you like to pay? *
What payment transaction service would you want me to use to send you an invoice through?
Email? Cashtag? PayPal address? *
Some folks have their PP different from their regular email. Depending on your payment option selected above, please provide appropriate info needed to effectively send an invoice here! Even if it's the same, please type it down here too. :) [NOTE: Paypal addresses are in the form of actual email addresses-- specifically, whichever one is connected to your Paypal account. This can be found in your settings. Paypal.me links and actual addresses are NOT proper Paypal addresses. Thank you!]
If left blank, it will count as a 'no'. You would receive a version with and without shading.
Clear selection
Is it of mature rating? *
If nothing is marked, it is automatically deemed as a 'no' (unless your commission idea implies otherwise, of course).
Does this have a preferred deadline? *
Whether it be for an upcoming birthday, anniversary-- whatever sort of occasion! Please let me know here and it will be accounted for accordingly, so it can be attended to sooner and on-time!
If "Yes" from previous question, please explain--preferred date and a brief explanation!
Ex. "Birthday present", "holiday gift", etc.
Reference Format
A show of what each of my typical containment with my references sheets are.
My general pricing methods for what I charge for what within my reference sheets goes as follows:

-"Full Bodies": The first two are $50(USD) each, with every following being +$30.
-"Headshots": $25(USD) each.
-"Chibi: $30(USD) each.

Examples to show final price outcome for specific possible formats requested:

-References with a front/back angle only being $100.
-References with a front, side, and back view being $130.
-References with two sides (mostly front and mostly back), two headshots, and a "chibi" full body being $180.

There is usually no limit to how much of each thing I am willing to put in a reference sheet-- at least, I have yet to be faced with such difficulty! Simply specify all of what you may be looking for below! While variety in what all you may want included can be had, prices should otherwise remain fixed and simple enough to calculate! Possible extra props, accessories, additional characters, etc etc. could potentially raise price, but usually depends on complexity! If uncertain, feel more than free to still let me know below! Further negotiations can be made with further contacts through email!
What exactly do you want in your reference? *
Format-wise. How many full bodies, how many "chibis", heashots, etc etc. Something more, even, that I haven't mentioned myself? Different outfit displays, extra expressions/busts showing you with your favorite foods? Please do specify that right here! (Please save descriptions/potential already-had visuals of the actual character being drawn for the very next section!)
Character Description/Visuals *
Sooo, just who am I drawing here, hrm? This is the section to let me know! I will say, if you happen to have any prior refs/commissions to serve as visial aid for the character you'd like me to make a reference for, I would greatly appreciate it! But, as long as a thorough enough description is given (textually and even with general image examples if feeling necessary), I feel I can work off of that, and would greatly appreciate that assistance!
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