2020 Aladdin Jr. Show Camp Registration
Register your child for our Aladdin Jr Show Camp! This camp will be held June 8-19 with two shows on June 20th. Upon receiving your registration, we will email you additional info and an to pay the registration fee.
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**STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL** Are there any concerns (health, emotional, family situation etc.) we need to know about? This will not affect casting but helps us navigate the rehearsal process.
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Behavior Contract - Parents please make sure your child understands this contract and the consequences.
Performing with From the Top Theatrics or any theatre company is a privilege and only cooperative behavior is allowed. Respect for the directors, production team, parents, other students, and facility representatives is expected. Polite language will be used. No name-calling or profanity is allowed. From the Top Theatrics expects students' conduct to be respectful to property. Therefore, any damage done to property will be expected to be replaced or repaired by the student.

From the Top Theatrics expects students, actors, crew members and parents to refrain from the use of drugs and alcohol during From the Top Theatrics events as they are strictly prohibited. Overt physical contact of students is not tolerated. Couples are to refrain from overly public displays of affection (PDA) during From the Top Theatrics events. From the Top Theatrics students are expected to dress appropriately at rehearsals.

Rehearsal and Performance Guidelines:

*Always sign in for each rehearsal
*Always be dressed for movement/choreo.
*Avoid unnecessary noise and distractions during rehearsals and performances. Excessive talking will not be tolerated.
*Stay in designated areas. From the Top Theatrics students may not leave the facilities at any time during rehearsals or performances unless accompanied by a parent or designated staff member (This includes breaks between class and rehearsal.)
*Clean up after yourself after every rehearsal.
*Complete clean up assignments on your designated day during tech week and show days.
*Behave in a professional manner.
*Attend all rehearsals and performances unless you are ill or have received the Director’s permission.
*Know your lines and songs. Being prepared affects not only your performance but the entire production.
*Be prepared with costumes, makeup, props and scripts.

*1st offense - Adult in charge will talk with the individual student about his/her misbehavior and notify the parent.
*2nd offense – From the Top Theatrics Representative(s) will talk with the student and parent will be notified.
*3rd offense - From the Top Theatrics Representative(s) will meet with the parent and student regarding the misbehavior and dismissal from the class/show will result.

Zero Tolerance Major rules violations including, but not limited to the following will result in immediate dismissal from From the Top Theatrics classes and show participation. This includes any parents that are participating in our productions.
*Use of drugs, alcohol, weapons or other illegal items
*Damage to the property or equipment affiliated with From the Top Theatrics events.
*Physical and/or verbal abuse to any individual or actions resulting in injury of another person including negative social media posts.


I have read and agree to follow the guidelines stated on the attached sheet. I have read and understand the consequences of failing to follow them.
PAYMENT POLICIES - SUMMER CAMPS The $50 registration fee is due upon booking summer camps. The registration fee will apply to your camp balance. You can reserve your camp and then you have until March 1 to pay the early bird balance (you will receive an invoice). After March 1, the camp fee will be $400. Extended care can be booked at any time, up to and including the day of camp, as long as this service is already being offered for that week. To take advantage of any discount offers for summer camp you must pay in full at time of booking. Only one discount can be applied to any booking. Please note registration fees paid apply for 2020 summer camps only. Camp fees are non-refundable once the camp begins. *
Parents type your name here acknowledging that you understand the behavior contract and consequences and payment policies. *
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