South African Adaptation Network: Individual Commitment Form  
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The SA Adaptation Network (AN) is in the process of updating and expanding its membership database to increase representivity, activity and involvement of all interested South Africans to become members of the Adaptation Network.  The SA Adaptation Network is founded on inclusivity and we therefore encourage and welcome all individuals and organisations involved in the climate change adaptation and related fields to become members of the Network.

On behalf of the Steering Committee and the Adaptation Network Secretariat, we would like to formally request you to update your membership to INDIVIDUAL MEMBER*.  This Category may include community members, professionals/ practitioners, etc. Individuals formalise their membership in their own capacity by signing this Commitment Form as a pledge to upholding the agreed values, principles and objectives of the Adaptation Network, as below:

Mutual respect, honesty, integrity, trust, commitment, caring and compassion, openness, justice, patience and understanding, diversity of belief systems, inclusivity, equality, uBuntu, solidity, creativity, love, civility, transformation to an integrated society and “fun is good!”

Transparency, diversity, accountability, active participation, inter-disciplinarity and exploring synergies, efficiency, inclusivity, sharing/partnerships, straight talk, listening, inspiration, democratic structure, flexibility, effectiveness, keeping harm at bay and support.

• To promote knowledge sharing and partnerships amongst practitioners and institutions engaged in developing and applying the theory and practice of adaptation to climatic variability and change
• Be an open forum for sharing resources, knowledge and ideas and promoting the integration of different kinds of knowledge
• Provide a space to grow partnerships and support one another
• Be a recognised point of contact for consultation, lobbying and advocacy
• Enable members to advocate for improved delivery in climate adaptation at all levels (focus on finding common ground, not joint positions on all issues)
• Provide co-ordination to encourage alignment and connectivity
• Provide a platform for promoting collective positions
• Assist members to promote awareness through education, shared information and shared platforms
• Highlight what is already happening in terms of education and communication
• Be a central point for providing information
• Promote better planning and evaluation across the Network
• Promote activities that build the capacity of communities to innovate and adapt
• Paint a positive picture, and communicate a message of hope to communities that “we’re up for the climate challenge”
• Support national processes that support adaptation and the funding of adaptation activities

*While we support Individual membership, we encourage Organisational Membership should you have your principles consent to act as a representative of your organisation on the Adaptation Network. Organisational Membership offers voting rights at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Adaptation Network at a ratio of 5:1 in comparison to Individual Membership.

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Do you attend Adaptation Network meetings and events (this applies to both physical meetings as well as online or telephonic meetings / webinars, etc.)?
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What is the primary benefit, if any, you derive from being a part of the Adaptation Network?
I hereby commit myself to upholding the agreed VALUES (as above) of the Adaptation Network: *
I hereby commit myself to upholding the agreed PRINCIPLES (as above) of the Adaptation Network: *
I undertake to contribute to achieving the agreed OBJECTIVES (as above) of the Network: *
I further undertake to actively contribute to the Network’s work and be solution-oriented: *
I am interested in joining the following Portfolio Working Group/s and would like to find out more: *
The Steering Committee is currently seeking members of the Adaptation Network to join the five Portfolio working groups (as below), in order to continue to drive the priorities of the Network forward. The intention of the Portfolios Working Groups is to support Steering Committee members, as co-chairs of the Portfolios, to enable them to “steer” the strategy and activities of the Network in a more hands-on way that responds to the nodes of knowledge, passion and enthusiasm of individual members. Members who join the working groups will work closely with the co-chairs of each Portfolio in enabling the specific objectives and activities of each Portfolio to be achieved, and will have the opportunity to share learnings, collaborate and co-produce knowledge for the broader Network.
The above information I have supplied is correct to the best of my knowledge, and by submitting this form I formally agree to the commitment I have made above: *
Please note that by agreeing to this, you commit to uphold and actively contribute towards the overriding values, principles, and objectives of the SA Adaptation Network as outlined above. Should you not agree, we will remove you from future communications and the membership database.
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