2021 CLAA-Los Angeles Survey
As part of our commitment to building and strengthening our LA comunidad, we would like to get your thoughts on in-person activities for the coming months. Rest assured, all CLAA activities will be in accordance of CDC regulations and recommendations. It has been a difficult time, and we take our well-being very seriously. We want to make a plan to move forward together.

All responses are anonymous, unless you prefer otherwise.

Participating in the survey automatically qualifies you to enter an Amazon gift card drawing! If you are the lucky winner and opt to allow us to contact via email, we are happy to hook you up! Please feel free to contact us at berkeleyclaa.la@gmail.com with any questions or issues.
Please rate the importance of all of the following in your decision to attend in-person events.
Please select all that apply
Not important
Somewhat important
Requesting proof of vaccination
Requesting proof of recent COVID negative testing
Limiting number of attendees
Requesting face coverings
Outdoor only
Contact tracing surveys at events
Physically distant sitting indoors
Physically distant sitting outdoors
In what LA city/cities would you like us to host in-person events?
Which events would you prefer to attend virtually? (Check all that apply)
Which events would you prefer to attend in person? (Check all that apply)
In what months would you be willing to attend in-person events? (Check all that apply)
Any feedback on virtual vs in-person events?
Any event requests?
Any other comments and/or questions?
If selected as the winner of the survey drawing, may we contact you? *
Please provide your name and email, if you are ok with us contacting you for the survey drawing winnings. Please put N/A otherwise. *
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