Mapping for Historians: QGIS Workshops Fall 2019
These workshops include an intorduction to QGIS and a further themed skills workshop which can be used for mapping and geographical analysis in historical research. In the first workshop we will start from an expectation of zero knowledge. If you have a little bit of exposure to QGIS you may want to jump in with the second session. These workshops are open to all staff and students at St Andrews. - Konrad Lawson (kml8)

There is room for 20 people in each workshop. I will update this form when we reach 20 and any registrants beyond that will be put on a waiting list. Please let me know if you are not going to make it so we can open up spots for those who might end up on a waiting list. The location for the workshop is Old Seminar Room in South Street 71.

Please come to the workshop with your laptop, having installed either QGIS 3.8 or 3.4 (this is free and available from
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