Harvard Bhutan Trek
The Institute of Happiness (www.iohbhutan.org) would like to welcome you to Bhutan for the Fifth Harvard Bhutan Trek, from December 28th 2019 to January 4th 2020!

Please see some information about the Harvard Bhutan Treks here: https://www.iohbhutan.org/treks

This form will close on July 31st 2019.

Some logistics info: The Trek will originate and complete in New Delhi airport, India. The estimated cost is $2,500 (including flights between Delhi and Bhutan, but not including any other cost to get to/from Delhi). We will arrange Bhutanese visas, but all trekkers are responsible for ensuring that they can get to/from Delhi airport and that they have the right visas/flights to do so. If you are accepted for the Trek (to be announced in mid August), then $700 deposits are due by by the end of August.

COUPLES: Please only complete the form once

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