CEIC #WorkFromHome Data Service (Student)
#WorkFromHome data service will be opened from Monday to Friday, 09.00 am-15.00 pm. The data will be downloaded in MS Excel format and will be sent via e-mail provided in the request form. Service time will depend on the data complexity and the number of request being handled in that business day.

Contact Person: Adit (089674268510)
Name *
Student Identity Number (6 digits) *
For example: 395626
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The Objective of Data Usage *
Data Request Details *
Please specify your research title or your course and the name of the lecturer
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Data Request *
Please specify in the complete way such as variable name, period, country, etc. For example: Gross Domestic Product (Constant 2010 US$) Indonesia, Inflation (GDP deflator) Vietnam, etc. You actually can search in CEIC in order to check the availability of your data
Periode of Data *
You have to specify the period of data in following ways: M for monthly, Q for quarterly data, and write the year only in the case of yearly data). For example: 2000M1 – 2019M12, 2000Q1 – 2010Q4, 1960 – 1999, etc
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