Registration openCARP online user meeting 14 April 2021
Please fill the form and submit it to be registered. We will send you the link to the online user meeting shortly before the meeting.
Planned Program
4:00 pm Check-In
4:30 pm Meshalizer tutorial (Ed)
5:30 pm User feedback & roadmap input
6:00 pm 1-2 "Experiments of the day"
6:30 pm Questions & answers
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Community presentation: Experiment of the day
If you are interested to share your latest or nicest carputils experiment with the community, you can do so in around 10 min (+5 min questions). If you want this, Gunnar will contact you for further details
Do you want to present one of your carputils experiments?
Input from you
We are planning to write a follow-up grant application to further strengthen the software, the infrastructure behind and the community effort. It would be great if you could add your ideas/wishes for the future in the following fields. We will use your input during the user meeting to extract the relevant for the community
Wishes/Ideas for openCARP
Wishes/Ideas for carputils
Wishes/Ideas for infrastructure (e.g. webpage, gitlab etc.)
Wishes/Ideas for community efforts
Other wishes/ideas
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