Survey on the communication practices and brand of the Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education(NICIE) (Parents/ Carers of Integrated Education pupil/s.)
The Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education (NICIE) has commissioned Seasoned Communications (a Communications agency) to undertake research into its communication and marketing activity.

The organisation is gathering insight into the main reasons parents decide or did decide to send their child/ren to an Integrated Education school. Plus how parents feel about the communication techniques to date. The more they fully understand all of this, the better they can be at raising awareness and inspiring other parents to do the same thing in the future.

Thank you so much for being involved in this exercise. It should only take 6-7 minutes of your time.

All answers are completely CONFIDENTIAL and completely ANONYMOUS. We have deliberately used Google Drive surveys as you do not need to give us either your name or email address to complete this survey and you do not need to log in to an account to access the survey. It is an entirely safe and untrackable way for us to communicate. We take this responsibility very seriously.

Thank you so much for your time, your answers will be extremely useful for informing and making sure your parent voice is truly heard in communications going forward.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact or phone 07854 870784. Thanks again

Which District Council are you in? *
With which gender do you identify with? *
What age bracket are you in? *
How would you describe your perceived community background? *
Please note this is not about whether you actively practice a faith, but rather how you might be perceived based on your cultural background.
Do you follow any of the Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education (NICIE) social media channels? *
If YES, do you think the content and language used is engaging and inspiring? Any extra comments please put in the 'other' section.
How would you describe your ethnic group? *
If relevant, would your marriage or relationship be classed as a 'mixed' one?
We are asking this to test a 'perceived perception' that children of mixed marriages/relationships often attend integrated schools.
Why did/do you send your children to an integrated school? (Pick as many as you like). *
The Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education (NICIE) promotes Integrated Education with communications centred around how an integrated school community contributes to peace and reconciliation. How much did this message alone influence your decision to choose an integrated school? *
What other communication messages could the Integrated Education sector use to promote itself that would have resonated with you? Please add any extra thoughts in the 'other' section. *
How much (if any) did your child/ren influence your decision to send them to an integrated school? *
How aware are you of the work of the Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education (NICIE)? *
Which gender in your household primarily drove the decision for your child/ren to attend an integrated school? *
We are asking this so as to understand who (if anybody) was the core decision maker for this decision.
Did/does anyone in your family or friendship groups oppose your decision to send your child/ren to an integrated school? If so, who and why?
Looking at the official NICIE logo below, prior to this survey would you have recognised it? *
Captionless Image
Do you feel the logo above works (colours, typeface, graphic) to represent the Integrated Education sector? Comments welcome in the 'other' section. *
The Integrated Education sector describes itself as the movement that 'brings children and staff from Catholic and Protestant traditions, as well as those of other beliefs, cultures and communities, together everyday in one school'. Does this description make you feel included? *
Did you have any concerns about sending your child/ren to an Integrated school? (If not, please leave blank.)
To what extent are you aware of the role the Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education (NICIE) does in growing, supporting and promoting Integrated Education? *
Please add anything else here that you feel could be of use to this research project. Your thoughts, comments and observations are very welcome.
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