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Is your business in need of a complete, professionally designed brand? This form is for you. It's free to complete and we offer our costs and what you'll receive below so there are no surprises. If you'd prefer a PDF file that you can print and mail to us, just let us know. After all, communication is key here. Your completion of this form provides us with essential information needed to develop your brand.
Want to be sure of your investment? Here's our cost to you, if we both agree to move forward together, and our promise of what we will provide in exchange:

Our complete brand package includes all of the following and typically begins at $3,800.00*:
• One-on-one Review
• Black and White Logo
• Full Color Logo
• Comprehensive Color Palette
• Typography assessment and application
• Letterhead design
• Envelope design
• Business Card design
• Correspondence Card design
• Any other specialized items you need designed (apparel, promo items, billboard, etc...)
• Vector and Web-ready files for your Logo
• Print-ready PDF files for your stationery designs
• Print Bidding with our preferred local printers
• All Print Production (this does not include the cost of printing)

*The cost of your brand package will be confirmed and agreed upon before any work begins.

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What keywords best reflect your company?
These can reflect how your company operates through goals or how your customer's describe you and your services...
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What are your company's short term goals?
Short term: Think next 3–6 months.
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What are your company's long term goals?
Long term: Think 3–5 years.
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Do you have any specific imagery or icons that need to appear in your logo or any that you do not wish to be used?
Are you a dentist that really doesn't want to feature another tooth or do you have a special certification icon that should appear on your stationery?
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Do you have any color preferences or existing brand colors that are needed, or colors that you do not wish to be used?
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What adjectives would you use to best describe your ideal company logo?
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What overall message would you like your logo to convey to your target audience? *
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Are there any existing company logos that appeal to you? Please provide websites if possible.
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Our brand package includes the design of letterhead, envelopes, business cards and correspondence cards. Are there any speciality items outside of this realm that you need us to include to complete your brand?
This could mean certain apparel items, building signage, billboard designs, promotional items...
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What items do you plan to have produced right away?
If you need your entire brand designed, but only plan to prrint business cards and letterhead right away, let us know so we can pinpoint your needs with our printers for the best pricing.
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