All American Athlete Volunteer Registration - Spring 2020
Our Spring Sport is Baseball and will be played at Tirzah ARP Church (6161 Mt. Gallant Road, York, SC 29745) on Sunday afternoons beginning at 3:00pm from Sunday March 1st through March 29, 2020.

Below is a description of the volunteers needed to make All American Athletes successful. Please read each description and select where you would like to serve.
Buddies: Volunteer buddies are paired up one-on-one with an athlete and spend their time on the field helping the athlete maximize the joy of their experience. A Buddy's goals are simple: assist the athlete according to their needs, protect the athlete at all times, stay with the athlete at all times, and allow the athlete as much freedom as possible to play and complete each skill set. Have fun, of course, is a requirement!
Floaters: Floaters, if possible, will be paired with each team to help aide the Coaches and Buddies as they seek to provide the best possible experience for their athletes. One-on-One participation with athletes is not likely; however, it is very possible that floaters may be tasked with helping Buddies as they work with their athletes.
If you have previously served with an athlete and would like to serve with that athlete again (assuming they sign up), please list their name below:
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Volunteer Requirements
If you're a student in need of a volunteer letter, please pay attention to this section.
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Please read these volunteer rules. By selecting "YES" you are affirming that you have read the rules and agree to abide by them. All answers must be answered in the affirmative (YES) in order to be eligible to serve.
Yes, I understand, that I WILL NOT provide food or drink to my athlete. *
(There will be water stations on the field and it is OKAY to give your athlete water.)
Yes, I understand, that I WILL NOT take my athlete to the bathroom. *
(Family members will be on campus. If your athlete needs to go, find their parents, and we'll make sure they get a ride up to the bathroom on a golf cart.)
Yes, I understand, that at the first sign of agitation from my athlete I WILL notify appropriate staff members. *
(Each team has a Coach - speak with your Coach first. They will contact Lesslie if/when needed.)
Yes, I understand, that my main goal is to TEACH my athlete to be as independent at the sport as possible. *
(You are NOT doing the sport for your athlete, but rather supporting them in the sport!)
Yes, I understand, that I WILL HAVE FUN! *
Yes, I understand that if I know I'm going to be absent and miss a practice I will let Jamey or Lesslie know in advance so that they can find a replacement buddy for my athlete. *
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