UCDC Roommate Questionnaire
Welcome to UCDC! One of the first things we need from you, after you've signed your housing contract is to fill out this Roommate Matching Survey. This tool will help us to find you a roommate while you're in the District of Columbial! Please fill out this form as openly and honestly as possible to help us match you with the best roommate for you. Please email Director of Student Services, Josh Brimmeier (josh.brimmeier@ucdc.edu) if you have any questions! The deadline for this form to be filled out is Friday.
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Preferred Roommate- First and Last Name
In order for us to match you with your preferred roommate, BOTH you and your preferred roommate MUST list each other. If you have preferred apartment mates, please list them AFTER your preferred roommate. In order to request apartment mates, you must have a total of three individuals you are requesting, mean you will fill a four person apartment. In order for us to honor this request, ALL members of the apartment must list each other in their roommate survey.
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Are you registered with your campus's Office of Disability Resources? *
If you are registered with your campus's Office of Disability Resources, what, if any, special accommodations would you require? (You will be asked to provide supporting documentation from this office)
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Sex: *
If you have selected Different Identity in the previous question, please state below. If not applicable please write N/A. *
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Do you consider yourself a member or ally of the LGBTQIA community? *
Do you smoke or use any tobacco products? (Reminder: The UCDC Center is a non-smoking building) *
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What is your neatness preference? *
What is your preferred communication style when addressing issues with apartment mates? *
I keep my room *
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How would you describe your study environment? *
What sleeping environment do you prefer?
In regards to light, while sleeping what do you prefer?
What time do you prefer to go to bed during the work week? (Reminder: You're going to be going to your internship many days a week, which may mean an earlier start than you are used to on your home campus) *
I would prefer visitors *
What situation regarding you and your roommates having overnight guests are you comfortable with? *
Are you comfortable living with an animal, if so what kind? *UCDC is ADA compliant regarding service animals
Do you snore when you sleep?
Are you comfortable living with someone who snores?
In regards to my personal property, I am comfortable with *
What type of relationship do you hope to have with your roommate? *
What are qualities that you desire most in a roommate? *
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What else do you think would be helpful for us to know about you when placing you with other students? *
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