Application for Residency - Rosewood Writing Retreat Center
Thank you so much for your interest in our Creative Residency Program!

If your application is accepted, we will contact you at the email listed in your application with payment details. Please be prepared to pay within 48 hours of receiving your acceptance or we will open your spot to someone else.

Hi! What's your name? *
What email address can we reach you at? *
What dates are you interested in? Check all that apply. (If you are only available/interested in one specific weekend, just mark one!) *
Which week is your first choice? *
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What do you plan on working on during your stay? *
Is there somewhere we can find your work online? Please provide a link if so. *
To ensure that all residents have the space to do the work they've come to do, we've created a system to ensure that everyone is able to interact on the level that fits their work style. When you check in, you set up a card on the resident's board with your name, what you're working on, how often you do or don't want to chat with others during your residency (i.e. "I've got a deadline on Wednesday, so don't talk to me until then, but I'm happy to take a break and have dinner with folks that day."), and anything else other residents should know about you. That way, if you're working hard and pop out to grab a snack, you don't have to break your flow to get to know other residents or chat with someone who's on a break even though you're not. Do you agree to respect these boundaries and your fellow residents' process and need for focus? *
Outside parties are not able to do any cooking in the kitchen on-site. Do you agree that you will not use any cooking facilities on site during your stay outside of the microwave, nespresso machine, and other electric devices? *
What phone number can we reach you at for a brief phone interview? *
Will you be able to pay the $250 due for your residency within 48 hours of receiving confirmation that your application has been accepted? *
Do you have any other questions for us?
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